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Crochet Christmas Tree and Star

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

I’d love to one year to go crochet crazy at Christmas time. Every January I imagine a tree with tons of gorgeous handmade baubles, festive bunting, one of those huge yarny reindeer heads and of course every gift would be made by me. Also everyone in the family would be wearing one of my Christmas jumpers and hats.

Yet every December comes round and I’m like, oh yeah, missed the boat on that one again. I might not be able to have a fully crocheted Christmas (Crochetmas?) but this granny triangle inspired Christmas tree is quick and easy to make up and you could make a whole load of them for a Yuletide garland or even use them to add a flourish to a wrapped present. Each item will only take up a very small amount of wool so it’s a great scrap yarn project. (It’s good to have a clearout before you buy more yarn in the January sales!).

You will need:

DK yarn in green and yellow

3.5mm hook

4mm hook

Yarn needle

This pattern is written using UK terms. 3ch at the start of a row counts as a treble.


With green and 3.5mm hook

5ch, join with a sl st to make a circle.

R1: 3ch, 3tr into the circle, 3ch, 4tr, 3ch, 4tr, 3ch. Join with a sl st to top of the first tr. (21)

R2: 4 sl st across to get to the first gap. (3ch, 3tr, 3ch, 4tr) all into the first gap. *1ch. (4tr, 3ch, 4tr) into next gap.  Rpt from *. 1ch and join with a sl st into top of your first tr. (36)

R3: 4sl st across to get to the first gap. (3ch, 3tr, 3ch, 4tr) all into gap. *1ch, 4tr into gap, 1ch. (4tr, 3ch, 4tr)into next gap.  Rpt from *. 4tr into next gap, 1ch. Join with a sl st into top of your first tr. (48)

Turn the piece around so you're now working into the wrong side.

R4-R6: 1ch, 4dc (4). Turn

Fasten off.


With yellow and 3mm hook

R1: 10dc into magic ring, join with a sl st (10)

R2: *3ch, 1dc into first ch from hook, 1htr into next, sk st, sl st into next st. Rpt from * 4 times. Join with a sl st.

Fasten off. Sew the star onto the top of the tree!


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