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It's part 5! 

It's time to learn how to get granny squares into your life! 

If you need any recaps head to back to the Couch to Crochet Menu page

This is the page for left handed tutorials..

A little about Granny Squares...

Glorious granny squares are an icon of the crochet world and can be seen everywhere from couches to the catwalk. Although they were popularised in the 1960s and 1970s, there is a mention of them from Butterick’s Art of Crochet from 1895. In the Depression era, it was a useful way to use up scrap yarn – and this still holds true today.


Grab your yarn and hook and get ready to create these awesome little squares. 

The stitches used in UK terms are trebles (tr), chain stitches (ch) and slip stitch (ss). 


Granny Square chart 

Here's a visual representation of a granny square using symbols which you may find useful as a reference. 

cassette blanket chart .jpg

REAdy for part 6? 

It's ready for you! It's time for 2 to become 1 and learn about decreasing stitches. 

Yay For Crochet Cassette Tape Blanket 3.
How's it going? 

Remember part of the uniqueness of learning how to crochet from Couch to Crochet rather than YouTube or a book is that if you need more advice or help with your stitches I want you to let me know so I can help you. 

If you don't need help and just want to show me how you're getting on I'd love to see your progress! Please drop me a line!  

If you've sorted out your granny squares and fancy taking on this fabulously retro Cassette Tape blanket I designed the pattern is available for instant download in the shop. 

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