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Welcome to Couch to CrocheT!

Hello, I'm Gurinder and I'm so delighted you're starting your crochet journey with me. 

Here you'll find PART ONE of my step by step videos to take you from crochet beginner to crochet winner. These tutorials are for right-handers. 

If you need further help feel free to contact me 

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Lesson 1: Introduction and what you'll need to get started. 

In this video you'll find an introduction from me, Gurinder, (hello!) and I'll be talking a little about hooks, yarn and other things you'll need to get started in crochet

Lesson 2: 

How to make a slipknot

How to hold your hook

How to hold your yarn

Lesson 3: 

How to crochet a chain stitch - the first proper stitch! 

Rainbow hearts.jpg

Ready for Part two? 

Once you've mastered the chain stitch you're all ready for part two and learning the double crochet. You'll also find this lovely squidgy hearts tutorial

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