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Part 7: amigurumi

Woohoo! Amigurumi is a lovely crochet technique which allows you to create little creatures and other cute things using simple double crochet stitches. The word comes from Japanese, ami, meaning "crocheted or knitted", kurumi, literally "wrapping" and nuigurumi "(sewn) stuffed doll".

I love creating amigurumi, and was even lucky enough to be asked by the BBC's One Show to create an amigurumi of Mary Berry!

These tutorials are split into three parts so you can create a little ball and you'll be on your way to experimenting with this technique. 

Need a refresh on what we've covered before? 


I've recommended DK yarn and a 3mm hook. You'll also need toy stuffing and a stitch marker. 

Amigurumi starts with a "magic ring" (aka adjustable ring, magic circle). This video takes you through this. 


Once you've mastered a magic ring (or at least done it a few times and it doesn't unravel!). It's time to start making.

The pattern for this would be written like this (UK terms):

Round 1: 6dc into magic ring (6)

Round 2: 2dc into each st (12)

Round 3: [2dc into st, 1dc] rpt 6 times (18)

Round 4: [2dc into st, 2dc] rpt 6 times (24)

Round 5-9: 1dc to end (24)

(but don't worry pattern reading class is coming up! I just though it would be useful in case you want to get a head start...)


Finishing up the little ball using decreasing stitches (dc2tog)

The pattern for this would be written like this (UK terms):

Add stuffing

Round 10: [dc2tog, 2dc] 6 times (18)

Round 11: [dc2tog, 1dc] 6 times (12)

Add a little more stuffing

Round 12: dc2tog until the hole closes. 

Show off your balls! 

Let me know how you get on with this tutorial and I'd love to see the balls you create. If you need any additional help please feel free to contact me. 

Speaking of balls...(I mean the fancy kind with dancing, big dresses and stately homes), I've designed a Duke of Hastings and Daphne Bridgerton so if you fancy a challenge give it a go! 

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