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Crochet Temperature Scarf

Have you heard of temperature blankets? Every day of the year you crochet a row or square and the colour is based on what temperature it is outside. Pinterest is full of inspirational temperature blankets!

So I've decided that 2021 will be the year I create a temperature scarf... actually I did want to crochet a blanket but then got real about how much time it would take me and I figured a scarf is more manageable.

A lot of the charts I found online were based for US temperatures so I created this swatch for the UK.

I've worked out that a row of 50 htrs will take 5 mins. I tend to crochet when I'm watching TV but I want these 5 mins to count so I want to make this a mindful activity. My theory is that I will spend these 5 mins per day intentionally just focusing on the stitches, crocheting alone without distractions of screens or noise. I think 5 mins a day is practical and achievable - I really don't want this to be another unfinished project loitering in a bag somewhere!

If you're thinking of trying it too I've put together some tips. I'll be sharing regular pics on my Instagram and here too so give me a follow if you want to see my progress.

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