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We're at part 4? 

Go you, you fabulous awesome one!!

Yay it's time for trebles, and learning how to crochet in the round. 

This is the page for left handed tutorials..


You'll see this as a tr in patterns, or in the USA it's called a double crochet (dc)

Try out this stitch and let me know if you need anymore help! 



In this tutorial you'll learn how to create increase trebles and crochet in the round. 

These can be used for coaster or little face scrubbies. 

Image by Kelly Sikkema
How's it going? 

Remember part of the uniqueness of learning how to crochet from Couch to Crochet rather than YouTube or a book is that if you need more advice or help with your stitches I want you to let me know so I can help you. 

I'm committed to getting as many people as possible learning how to crochet so if you need a bit more help then please let me know.


If you don't need help and just want to show me how you're getting on I'd love to see your progress! Please drop me a line!  

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